Thursday, 19 April 2012

Secret of Happy Couples

The meaning of love

Love is not about what you take or get. Love is about the beneficences you give with nothing to lose. Just give away without hoping in return. If you love, you should happy when you give. Don't worry about the return that you'll get, because what you give is what you will get. Falling in love is not about the other person. Falling in love is about you. 

If you want to be a happy couple, practice your love

With love, you can be a happy couple. If you want to be a happy couple, you should love yourself, your couple, & your God. Here are the love trilogy concept for you to be the happiest couple in the world:

1. Love Yourself

Love your self first before you love somebody else. Love yourself, and you will do & take all the good thing for you. And also, you will leave anything that useless for you. If you love your self & you want to get married, ask your self:
  • Who is the right person for me?
  • Does he/she have good attitudes? So, I never feel worry about our future relationship.
  • Will he/she care for me?

2. Love Your Couple

If you love your couple, think about what you should do to give the best for your couple & family. If your couple hurt you, ask your self first, what did you do that make your couple hurt you? Then, ask your self, what should you do to solve this problem?

3. Love Your God

Realize that you & your couple is only a human being who can become different & die. For example, now, he is handsome, in the future, he becomes an old man. Now, he is alive, in the future, he becomes a dead man. Vice versa with she. Don't worry about that. I bring a good news for you who have a God. God have created anything pair. He has created man, He also created woman. He has brought you to life, He will also bring you to dead. So, don't be worry, He have create anything pair for you. You should love your God above all. God bless you.
Below is the blueprint pic of happy couples love trilogy:

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